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Real meditation means alertness. It is not related to getting supernatural visions or wandering in space. We meditate when we are established here and now, where the meaning of the action coincides with the action itself


What you need is a comfortable clothing and a thick mat - a body length at least (a folded blanket might also do). Asanas should be exercised at least four hours after normal meal or two hours after a light snack – fruit or milk.

Beside the traditional asanas and meditative techniques the club also deals with the so called vyayama - dynamic movements combined with breathing rhythm and mind concentration.

Yoga club Patanjali sticks to the principle of the so called Three P - progress but gradual, persistency and pleasure. The asanas should be exercised within the limits of personal comfort – as far as and as long as it is comfortable. Any time you feel you can just drop the current exercise and relax. Our classes are visited by people of various age and training level so every one of them should weigh his/her own skills and present state. The ability of listening to your own body plays an essential role in the proper Yoga practice.

As for where the classes take place or additional information do not hesitate to contact us by e'mail.

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