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The elephant-headed god Ganesha is widely revered in the native land of Yoga India as the remover of obstacles.


Veselin Luchansky
Yoga teacher in Toronto, Canada

"I'm happy, that from far distant Toronto I can be in relation with your club. The most important thing, I can say about Damyan is his proverbial modesty, but however he doesn't want to be notable, his undisputable talent is noticed and everybody is ready to trust him without bringing his abilities of a real Yoga teacher in question. For me Damyan sticks in my memory as the best performer of Yoga asanas in Bulgaria. It is no accident that he was the illustrator of the newspaper "Hatha Yoga", an absolute champion of the first Yoga championship in Bulgaria; he also was saluted by the Indian ambassador in Bulgaria; he was appointed for a demonstrator in conduction of awarding the best ten sportsmen in Bulgaria. In short, Damyan had achieved much in personal plan and now rightfully he can be one of the leading Bulgarian gurus."

Club's note: Mr. Luchansky is one of the pioneers of hatha Yoga in Bulgaria. His irreproachable performances were used for the illustrations in the first Yoga book, published in Bulgaria – "Excersices of the yogis" by Asen Milanov and Ivanka Borisova (come out in the press in 1963 and gone through several editions). The formation of the Bulgarian Federation of Yoga to a great extent is owed to his efforts.

Jivko Stoilov

"Patanjali Yoga Club is a place for serious spiritual seekers. Nowadays, it is e very difficult for a person to find an oasis of preserved ancient tradition and spiritual wisdom. A man, who is interested in the eternal questions like: "Who am I?", "What's the meaning of life?", "What's the meaning of MY life?, will highly estimate Patanjali club. Not only the physical side of Yoga (hatha Yoga), but also the deep philosophy and psychology of the East, become accessible here by the guidance of Damyan Vasilev – the instructor of the club. Damyan has dedicated many years (actually many lives) of the eternal Yoga science and the Plovdiv's inhabitants are lucky people to have this precious knowledge, served on a platter. The beginners can lay a steady foundation for their practice (without which the spiritual path is impossible), and the advanced disciples can find support and help in their self-discovering processes. It is a great chance for the soul to obtain the human body in its evolution indeed, says the sages from the East, but a bigger blessing for the people is finding a place where he can "hear" about the Eternal and the Great. So... is there any reason for the man to waste his time in the cafes each evening, when the way for discovering that, which in fact is necessary for mankind, is opened once again?"

Sevdalin Trayanov
Yoga teacher in HUMBOLDT – UNIVERSITAT zu Berlin

"I know Damyan Vasilev since 1989, when he taught me Yoga and I used all the time to be beside him and to be as helpful as I could. I really can write a book about the time spent with Damyan, but writing is not of my strong points, and when someone asks me about him, I've got the feeling I can speak a lot, but in that moment I can't find the exact words to describe this reborn in a flexible body guru. I only have to thank the fortune that sent me Damyan in a moment, when I was searching for the purpose of my life. I hope that not only people from Plovdiv are going to estimate soon what an inestimable treasure is Damyan for each one set out on the path of Yoga and on the spiritual way in whole. His inexhaustible competence is not limited only with the wisdom of Vedas and Yoga, but also stretches to the recognition of the basic principles and ideas at the philosophical doctrines like Advaita Vedanta, Mahayana, Theravada and Zen Buddhism. One of his many valuable qualities is his realism in all aspects of life. His affirmation, "It's good your head to be in the sky, but your feet - well-stepped on the ground" has helped me in a lot of difficult situations in my life. My relation with Damyan isn't interrupted to this very day and every time I travel back to Bulgaria, I visit him. These hours are unforgettable for me."


"Damyan is an example of a man who lives in the world but do not belong to it. A true boddhisatva."

Mirek Tesarik
Prague, Czech Republic

"I have been practicing Yoga for a long time before I visited Plovdiv. During my short stay in Plovdiv I was lucky that I found Yoga Club Patanjali and have the possibility to practice Yoga for 2 months with Damjan, Svetla Pulevska and others.

What I found were very relaxed, but also demanding body and soul exercises, "super" guru Damjan, "super" people. I enjoyed exercises very much, the approach was something new for me. The way of teaching was very natural, humane, sensitive, full of humour. Although my contact with Yoga Club Patanjali was very short, I felt more than the visitor. I felt like a small sand particle on the sunlit sandy beach, like a part of something that is functioning in a very positive way.

Thanks to Damjan and the wonderful atmosphere in Yoga Club Patanjali I found new motivation for Yoga. What I appreciate most is the strength of personality, which makes the atmosphere in Yoga Club Patanjali so pleasant, so creative, so demanding, so relaxing. Thank you Damjan, thank you Svetla, thank you all!"

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