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The dancing Siva Nataraja symbolizes the continuous dance of the universal energy


"... in a certain moment of my life I realized,
that I don't practise Yoga, but Yoga creates me."  

The famous Bulgarian yogi Damyan Vasilev is the instructor of Patanjali Yoga Club from its very establishment.

Damian starts his practice more than forty years ago, inspired by the visit of Joe Clemendore in Bulgaria in the beginning of the 60s. In the second half of the 70s, he participates in the first Yoga club in Plovdiv. During the period 1996-1997, Damyan graduates from a course for Yoga instructors, which has been co-organized by the "Postgraduate qualification" department of the National Sport Academy together with the Bulgarian Federation of Yoga. In 1996, he becomes the absolute champion in the first National Yoga Championship in Bulgaria. For the first time in Bulgaria, he starts systematic lectures on Advaita Vedanta, Raja Yoga (on Patanjali Yoga sutras), Buddhism and Zen.

The serious approach of Damyan towards Yoga and its teaching, his devotion to Yoga and, last but not least, his fresh sense of humor, make Patanjali Yoga Club a favorite place for practicing Yoga in Plovdiv.

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