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The fundamental mantra OM symbolizes the absolute principle of existence


Founded in 1987 by Damyan Dimitrov Vasilev, Patanjali Yoga Club is the oldest active yoga club in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Throughout the years it regularly organizes yoga classes in the "House of beauty and fashion", Technical University, Plovdiv University "Paisiy Hilendarski", etc.

We always follow the values and practices of the classical Yoga in our classes. We are convinced that the millennium yoga tradition requires an appropriate attitude, in order for a person to achieve positive results. In our club we pay attention to other similar doctrines too, but always considering the aims of Yoga, which are the freedom of a fulfilled life achieved on the way of self-awareness. We understand that the ideal of consciousness and awareness with respect to the different aspects of human nature is the essence of all Yoga incarnations and it can not have as its alternative the numerous modern currents using the name "yoga".

Often, and not without a reason, Yoga is likened to a science. We know that every science can be learned by hard studying and practicing. By the way, this conditional division into theory and practice can be compared to the two wings of a bird - without one of them the bird will not be able to fly. Similarly, in Yoga and in the Indian darshans, the theory and the practice have always been inseparable and the progress in one of them will not be possible unless there is progress in the other one as well. But when we speak of spiritual science, another, third component has a deciding role and that is the communication with a person, who has already adopted the spiritual path in his life. The respected Bulgarian yogi Damian Vasilev is exactly that sort of Guru. His down- to-earth manners, clear mind, warm heart and understanding attitude, are real treasures for all of us - the members of the Patanjali Yoga Club.

The numerous highest distinctions, received during the annual yoga meetings, organized by the Bulgarian Yoga Federation, also testify for the spirit of our club and the efficiency of its methods.

In case that you are looking for easy ways to yoga, enlightment in this very minute or "arousal" of your chakras, you will probably be disappointed; if, however, you have the inclination to work hard upon yourself, you are very welcome to our club. On the other hand, if you just want to cope with the stress, to improve your physical and mental health or to keep yourself in good shape, you will find out that Patanjali Yoga Club has something to offer you too.

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